Simple security for everyone.

We’ve built a replacement for usernames and passwords that secures all your online accounts. The New York Times described Clef as “magical.” We think of ourselves as 'your friend in the security business.'

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Great App! Works well for WordPress CMS

Been utilizing this app for a while now and I'm very happy with it. Makes logging into the backend of my site quick, painless, and very secure. Passwords are getting easier and easier to hack, but this app utilizes a secure device (your phone) to authenticate and log you in. Superb!

Secure and easy.

Clef makes it very easy and convenient to use two factor authentication. It's free, easy to manage, and reduces brute force attacks without making it hard to login. It really feels like the future is friendly with Clef's help. This is new to me but I really like it! Easy to set up and use and it increases security! Setting the timer keeps me focused.

Love love love.

This way of logging in just beautiful. I hate repeating the same word as the advertisement, but it truly is magical. You just hold up your phone to the login page and it immediately logs you in! It's perfect if you're in a hurry to log in or even if you're like me where you keep forgetting the password. I completely love this app!!

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Top Notch Security

Clef uses mobile cryptography to replace usernames and passwords with a 300 character key that is virtually impossible to hack. Clef protects you against more attacks than any other two-factor authentication product, including Google Authenticator and Authy.

We explain how Clef's cryptography works on our security page.
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Log out anywhere

With Clef, you control over online accounts from your phone. If you forget to log out and remember later, simply open the Clef app and log out instantly.

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WordPress plugin

We've built one of the most popular WordPress plugins ever! On WordPress, you can set up Clef on your site in a couple of quick steps. Install WP plugin

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Always free

Clef is always free for you. Websites that want the best customer account security pay for Clef, so you don't have to. No fees or in-app purchases at all.

Unmatched usablity

We've built Clef to make the best cryptography in the world accessible by everyone. When individual accounts are secure, the whole network becomes more secure and everyone benefits. Clef's interface is simple to understand and easy to set up. Everyone can boost their account security in a snap without any technical knowledge.

How to log in with Clef

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1. Download the Clef app from the iOS or Android app store and install it on your phone.

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2. Open the app and navigate to a site that uses Clef for login. This is the Clef wave. Sync it to log in.

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3. Match the wave on your mobile screen to the one on the computer screen.

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4. When the wave slides off the screen, you're logged in securely with Clef. That's it!

What happens when you log in with Clef?

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300 characters

Instead of a password that you remember, when you log in with Clef, a 300 character signature is generated from a digital key stored on your phone. This key is transmitted to the site you're logging into and confirms your identity.

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Temporary signature

This unique signature exists for about 30 seconds each time you log in. Not only is the signature virtually impossible to guess, even with electronic means, but it would need to be guessed in under 30 seconds for a hack to be successful.

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No database

Since the signature is temporary it has no reason to be stored, so Clef does not require a database of personal identifying information. This eliminates the chance of a database breach. Clef never transmits or stores any login credentials.

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