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Solve customer account security in an afternoon.

If you're a developer working to integrate Clef in your web application, you'll want to check out our integration guide. We'll walk you through the Clef integration step-by-step.

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We've built one of the most popular WordPress plugins ever.

We have plugins for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and more. The easiest way to get started with Clef is by installing one of our pre-built plugins.

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Simple integration

Two-factor has been on your timeline for months, but you can never spare the dev time. With Clef, you can be up and running with the best two-factor authentication in the world in less than a day.

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Built by humans who care

We care about the quality of your experience while setting up Clef. We strive to produce clear documentation but also welcome feedback and ideas. We've built Clef to make the best security accessible without the hassle of passwords or traditional two-factor auth multi-step procedures. If you have ideas on how we could improve, tell us about it.

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Proven security

Clef is mobile cryptography built on RSA public-key architecture. Developers have been using this technology to secure their logins for over 25 years. We've added a simple mobile interface to make onboarding easy and several security and account management features for business solutions.

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Clef security architecture overview

Clef replaces the traditional two-factor authentication model with public-key cryptography. We offer two different service architectures and three different products.

Standard Authentication, which is optimized for ease of integration and relies on Clef as a central auditor of identity, and Distributed Authentication, which is optimized for high-security deployments and minimizes Clef’s role as a trusted party represent Clef's different architectures.

Our three products are defined as follows:

  • Clef Basic includes our standard cryptographic login and simple UI delivered via the Clef app.
  • Clef Business includes our Basic services plus Distributed Authentication delivered via the Clef app.
  • Clef Native is a white labeled SDK embedded into any company's app plus added account managment and customization capabilities.

Clef protects against the most attacks

There are numerous combinations of the types of authentication factors represented by different products on the market. Different companies use the different factors in unique combinations.

With Clef, we've built a public key infrastructure that relies on “Possession” as the primary factor (your phone) and leverages “Inherence” (TouchID) and “Knowledge” (PIN number) methods as the secondary factors

  • Clef protects against brute force, bucket brigade, keylogging, server breach, and phishing attempts.
  • Token based products only protect against brute force and key logging. SMS based products only protect against brute force attacks.
Learn more about Clef security features.
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Language and framework guides

We've written language and framework guides for a variety of different platforms: Sinatra, Flask, Rails, PHP and more. These guides are community contributed and will walk you through integrating Clef step-by-step.

See all our guides

Sample applications

We've built sample apps that will get you up and running with Clef in a bunch of languages. Node, Ruby, Python, PHP, Rails and more. We welcome feedback and recommendations for new guides or sample applications.

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Any questions? We're always here to help.

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Shoot us an email at and we'll have an engineer get back to you.

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Ping us on Facebook, Twitter, or Github. Technical questions welcome.

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See answers to our most common questions in our knowledge base.

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