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Best in class account security in a snap.

Clef provides truly secure user account authentication built for online enterprise deployments.

Malicious user account takeovers resulting from poor password habits and previous external breaches are on the rise. Clef comprehensively protects your business and your customers from fraud 100%.

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Are you looking for technical integration materials?

If you're a developer, you can get started with Clef right now. See our integration guides, sample apps, and plugins on our developers page.


Confirmed data breaches involved leveraging weak or stolen passwords. Clef eliminates passwords entirely.


Users voluntarily opt-in to traditional two-factor authentication. Clef deployments see 10% adoption rates.


Network intrusions were carried out by compromised user accounts. Clef closes the loophole on user account security.


In losses from fraudulent purchases made online. Clef action authorization virtually eliminates fraud.

Clef business research

Our most detailed technical and use case information can be found in our whitepapers and case studies. Our most recent work can be downloaded below.

Two-Factor Comparison

A review of commonly observed styles of hacks occurring across the business landscape and the vulnerabilities presented by traditional password based systems. Database breaches, phishing, and bucket brigade (aka man-in-the-middle) attacks, the most popular attack vectors, cannot compromise a Clef-protected account. See how Clef measures up against competing products on the market.

Security Architecture Overview

Clef replaces the traditional two factor authentication model with public key cryptography. We offer two different service architectures outside of our white label SDK for enterprise customers. Standard Authentication, which is optimized for ease of integration and relies on Clef as a central auditor of identity, and Distributed Authentication, which is optimized for high-security deployments and minimizes Clef's role as a trusted party.

Clef makes best in class user account security products for business.

Clef makes the next generation of two-factor authentication using mobile cryptography available now for every size enterprise. Offer your customers truly secure user accounts and vastly reduce fraud incidents with either the Clef app or all of Clef's functionality embedded directly into your business app.

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Clef Basic

We've built a replacement for usernames and passwords and the most secure two-factor authentication available. Clef basic is free and delivered via Clef's mobile app.

Clef replaces the traditional two-factor authentication model with RSA public-key cryptography. Our standard cryptographic login protects user accounts from a wide array of malicious attack vectors and a simple UI makes onboarding a breeze for almost everyone. Clef Basic is optimized for ease of integration and relies on Clef as a central auditor of identity.

Mobile cryptography

Clef uses mobile RSA cryptography to authenticate identity and eliminate the need for usernames and passwords while boosting account security.

Simple set up

Clef basic can be added to your site in an afternoon. We've created step-by-step guides and have engineers that can assist with every integration.


We've built a number of plugins for popular platforms including WordPress, Joomla, and Magento. In just a few short steps you can get going with Clef today.

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Clef Business

Companies that integrate Clef can get an extra layer of security to protect their customer accounts with integration of Clef Business.

Clef Business comes with Distributed Authentication. Clef authenticates identity, then your company sends your own challenge to the user’s phone. Distributed Authentication allows your site to verify the login independently, so that even in extreme cases of compromise, customer accounts are still protected. Clef Business is optimized for high-security deployments and minimizes Clef's role as auditor of trust.

Distributed authentication

Both Clef and your site verify each login independently, so user accounts are doubly protected from even the most sophisticated account attacks.

Control and customization

Clef Business allows our integration partners to have more control over user account management details and customize the Clef experience for their customers.

Action authorization

Allows our Business customers to trigger an authentication challenge for an action besides login that might be of particular high-security value to your business.

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Clef Native

Clef Native is the true professional solution to eliminate user account fraud. Get all the benefits of Clef's mobile cryptography with Distributed Authentication and full customization to suit your business.

With Clef Native a fully branded solution is professionally integrated into your business application. Your customers experience your brand and benefit from increased network account security and a simple UI that improves customer delight and engagement. Clef Native is optimized for high-security high-volume enterprise deployments and white labels Clef's mobile cryptography for seamless integration into your company's app.

Seamless security

Customers engage with your brand experience backed by Clef's hefty security architecture and Clef gives you tools to customize user account security to suit your business.

Unlimited auth actions

With Clef Native, your price is locked in. So as your company grows, you never have to worry about variable future costs or additional fees. Clef scales with you.

Rules-based configuration

Clef Native can be added to existing authentication protocols. Custom rules-based configuration allows you control over how Clef interacts with those systems.

Choosing Clef over SMS or tokens

There are numerous combinations of the types of authentication factors represented by different products on the market. Different companies use the different factors in unique combinations. With Clef, we've built a public key infrastructure that relies on “Possession” as the primary factor (your phone) and leverages “Inherence” (TouchID) and “Knowledge” (PIN number) methods as the secondary factors.

Clef is more secure

Clef is based on public key cryptography, which protects against many more attacks than tokens or SMS. In particular, tokens and SMS are vulnerable to database breaches, phishing, and bucket brigade attacks that cannot compromise a Clef-protected account.

Clef gets better adoption

The only security that matters is the security you use. Clef’s user experience is passwordless and simple to use. It is adopted at a much higher rate than tokens or SMS. Traditional deployments see fewer than 1% of users opt-in, while Clef deployments typically see more than 10% of users opt-in.

Clef is priced for results

Delivering SMS is expensive. Even if users wanted to protect their accounts with SMS, it can be prohibitively expensive to send an SMS for every login happening on a site. Clef doesn’t have to rely on the telephone infrastructure, so we can service more logins at a lower price.

"With Clef, the often painful process of logging into a site feels, admittedly, a little bit magical." Nicole Perlroth, Cybersecurity & Privacy, NYTimes
"Clef isn’t just another nice feature, it is a critical part of our security." Ray Youseff, CEO, Paxful
"Clef's security to effort ratio is the best I've ever come across for logging in." Joey Krug, Lead Developer, Augur
"Our integration with Clef allows us to provide best in class security without compromising ease of use." Arthur Hayes, CEO, Bitmex
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