Hi! We're Clef.

We're an Oakland based internet security start up that has built a replacement for usernames and passwords. Clef uses mobile cryptography, the next generation of two-factor authentication, to secure online accounts.

Our core values

Fight the default of exclusion.

Inequality and exclusion are the defaults of our industry. Without intentional effort, we will inherit those failings and worsen the problem. Building a diverse team is a moral imperative and we build a better business and product by bringing different perspectives to the table. We look for voices unlike our own because they are the only ones that help us grow.

We succeed together when we trust each other.

Only when we trust each other can we share the candid feedback and opinions that let us be creative and successful. We give our coworkers deep visibility into how decisions are made and easy outlets to give input and guide our course. When we build trust through good communication, we create an environment for better communication in the future.

Be better today than yesterday.

Being better is more important than being the best because "best" can lead to complacency while “better” implies dynamism and progress. We can always choose to improve in whatever we do. Improvement requires reflection, so we take ownership of our mistakes and question our habits.

Treat others the way they'd like to be treated.

Our customers and teammates have different needs from our own, so we must consider their perspectives to communicate effectively. We work best together when we have empathy for one another, and we create the best product when we understand the people we are building for.

Our employee handbook

At Clef, we’re working to build an inclusive company with a value-driven culture. That’s an easy thing to want, but it’s difficult to practice. Exclusion is the default in our industry. It takes active effort to find the hidden biases in our companies policies and remove them.

As our team started growing this year, we looked for a starter-kit of inclusive policies. A lot of great work is being done to discuss cultural problems and their solutions, but we found only many voices and very little written in the form of concrete and proven successful policy.

We wanted to put what we've learned into practice, so we decided to write our own handbook and open source it.

Our handbook contains all of the policies that we use at Clef. It represents many hours of research, lots of thoughtful debates, and some serious introspection. It’s certainly not perfect, but we think it’s an exciting place to start.

Feel free to use any or all of these policies, and to modify them in whatever way makes sense for your company. We hope that by publishing them, other companies can benefit from our research and make their own policies more inclusive.

B Byrne, CEO

P.S. You can read more about the process of open sourcing our handbook on our blog - Two Factor Authenticity.

Our mission is to empower everyone to own their identity online.

We build a secure standard of identity for businesses to replace passwords, allowing users to have an authentic and personal relationship with the technology they use. Our core values guide our strategies and individual actions so that we create a company whose character is as radical as our product.

Clef is building a better way to log in online without passwords.

We power logins on more than 200,000 websites using mobile cryptography so that everyone can have more secure online accounts. We are based in downtown Oakland, California. If that sounds interesting to you, reach out and learn more about our open positions.

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